Hello world!

Okay, maybe a few blog posts, then.

Somewhere around New Years, I started realizing that there was something remarkable happening in Tunisia. It wasn’t the scale of the protests back then, rather than the sheer fact that people were at all couragious enough to gather in larger groups in such an iron fist governed country as Tunisia.

Since then, Facebook has been my news agency and – to my surprise – several friends and colleagues in the US, UK and Sweden have thanked me for giving them updates on events that they don’t get from media, or do so later. When things started happening in Egypt, a country I have a special interest in, Facebook groups were no longer enough and I kicked the twitter acoount @yasmineelrafie into shape – the one I registered back in 2009 mainly not to get my name high jacked.

I have worked in Foreign news for several years but currently don’t – unfortunately. Twitter, and this blog, will be my way of not feeling completely useless and I will spend the little spare time I have on this. I have a full time temp job where I do completely other stuff but that won’t last for much longer so if you have a tip, let me know!

I have no intention of claming on being even half as knowledgeable on MENA as people like @monaeltahawy or Swedes like Inga Brandell and Jan Henningson. In fact, I claim nothing at all, except sharing my two cents. Feedback will be gratefully accepted.

Language will shift between Swedish and English, depending on the topic.

Humbly yours,


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