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“Medierna” i P1 om libyske hjälten Mo

Jag skrev i förra veckan om Muhammad “Mo” Nabbous som kontrade mot den totala medieskuggan från icke-Ghaddafitrogna genom att med fara för sitt eget liv starta sin egen TV-station, Sawt al-Hurra Libya (Det fria Libyens röst). Veckans program av Medierna … Continue reading

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Robert Fisk: “Soldiers ignored orders of a Tahrir square massacre”

Well, I am probably just out of the loop and this has probably been all over but here goes anyway:  I just stumbled upon something interesting written by Robert Fisk, through the Facebook group “We are all Khaled Said“. I … Continue reading

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Damned if you don’t – damned if you do

I know someone scratching his head at the moment – the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and president Barack Obama. The Arab League asked for his help. Lebanon put forth a resolution in the Security Council. Everybody suddenly agreed on humanitarian … Continue reading

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How to deal with people that annoyingly ask for democracy

As previously seen… Put a task force on monitoring Facebook and twitter. Underestimate the power of martyrship. Bring out the tear gas, water canons and riot police to demonstrations. Arrest numbers of demonstrators. Hire snipers, preferably from a country other … Continue reading

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In memoriam of “Mo”

Unlike with Egypt and Tunisia, the amount of veteran tweeps and tech-savvy geeks online with a knowledge of English or French was considerably lower in Libya. As with many beginners, there became a certain lack of discipline in restraint towards … Continue reading

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Another interview ’bout my tweets…

I was followed by a journalism student on Twitter who asked me for an interview a few weeks ago on my methods for tweeting. A few quotes: Social media has been a big part of the Arab revolution in the … Continue reading

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When “the free world” ignored the arabs’ fight for democracy

Almost exactly eight years ago the whole world was watching Iraq. Everybody knew that the US would invade any day and finally did, as on the 19th of March 2003. On the other side of the world someone else – … Continue reading

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Will Saudi be #4?

So. Demonstrations announced in Saudi Arabia for Friday. When I was younger i never understood why demonstrations were arranged after Friday prayers. In fact, I still haven’t read it anywhere, but logic has it that this is the only time … Continue reading

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Torture endorsed by army?

Varning for detailed footage documenting whipping wounds of a man who is said to have been physically assaulted and whipped, thanks to army. On Arabawys blog.

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Om “Yasmines twittertips” och webbgräv

Varje dag lovar jag mig själv att “idag ska jag blogga” och så räcker inte krafterna ändå. Ni får följa mig på twitter mellan inläggen för att hålla kontakten. När man har ett “vanligt” jobb på heltid blir det svårt … Continue reading

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