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Journalists summoned by Egypt’s army

UPDATE: Both released, no charges. Last Friday, the 27th, a march was held in several places in Egypt to show disapproval of hundreds, or thousands, of military trials against protestors, like blogger Maikel Nabil who was sentenced to jail. The … Continue reading

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Twittered camel-attack on Tahrir

Like several others, I think I have started recollecting this spring a little bit. I was RT:ing the revolution like crazy out of frustration of not being able to cover it professionally. On the evening of the camel attack 2 … Continue reading

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A face on the Syrian uprising

A few days ago I wrote this blog post about how it is easier to “sell” a conflict, create interest in it, if it is told through a single person that gets to symbolize what it is all about. I … Continue reading

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På fredagkvällen skämtade jag och @flindewald om att alla var på tweetup utom vi, eftersom vi är “blattar”. Responsen på det blev hashtagen #Blattetweeup och jag skickade ut följande tweet till ett gäng olika twittrare, som jag misstänkte iaf någon … Continue reading

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Bahrain replies to sender

Last night I wrote a blog post about how Sweden’s prime minister Carl Bildt had chosen to contact his Bahraini counterpart through twitter. Well, there is also a reply! in reply to @carlbildt ↑ @khalidalkhalifa Khalid Alkhalifa @carlbildt nice to hear from … Continue reading

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Sweden-Bahrain 0-1?

A while ago a Swedish citizen was sentenced to jail in Bahrain for participating in the ongoing protests. He also risks the death penalty, and is by far not the only person put on trial. For example human rights’ activist … Continue reading

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In the shadow of Bin Laden

When the news broke a couple of weeks ago about the killing of Osama bin Laden there was a bit of a frenzy in the media. I do understand the vast interest in New York, where it is a personal … Continue reading

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Putting a face on revolution…

The Tunisian revolution was credited to Mr Bouazizi, a vegetable salesman who was said to have set himself on fire after having his vegetables confiscated. In Egypt it was the murder of Khaled Said that was used to put a face on … Continue reading

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Blogging against the army council

This is a post from the blogger Wael Abbas‘ vlog, bringing up critizism of #SCAF, the armed forces’ council in Egypt, the way the constitution is implemented, and other issues. The armed forces have been ruling the country since Mubarak’s … Continue reading

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Another report from Misrata

Channel 4 news has made it to Misrata and done a story on doctors trying to – and occationally failing – in saving lives. Several of the wounded are children. Still some mainstreem media coverage at least. So far I … Continue reading

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