Blogging against the army council

This is a post from the blogger Wael Abbas‘ vlog, bringing up critizism of #SCAF, the armed forces’ council in Egypt, the way the constitution is implemented, and other issues. The armed forces have been ruling the country since Mubarak’s resignation in February. Since then several reports have been made by human rights’ activists on of how remnants of the old regime have kept up their old ways, how people are being arrested, assaulted and intimidated, for example for demonstrating or blogging, like Maikel Nabil who was sentenced to jail.

Recently, activist and presidential candidate Bothaina Kamel got pulled off the air during a tv-interview where she criticised the way of the army. Tweep Mina Naguib has included the clip in this vlog post, as well as testimonies from victims:

(Something I also mentioned briefly in March).

The army has also been criticised for being too passive when coptic christians have been killed reasently in Cairo areas like Imbaba and at the TV building in Maspiro.

Certain question marks have also been raised on how wise it is to allow unexperienced newcomers that roze to fame during the revolution participate in negotions with military veterans, instead of leaving the task to equally veteran activists.

Hundreds of blog posts on the topic where published simultaneously on Monday, following Wael Abbas call for a joint effort against the military. Several, like Waels vlog, called for a second Friday of Anger that is set for this Friday, the 27th.

Egypt is though, like to some extent Western media, probably suffering from a certain extent of revolution fatigue, and signals from both Tunisia and Libya are warning of a backlash or contra-revolution.

I think I’m not the only one believing that the outcome of Libya will either put a lid on or give new fuel to the Arab Spring, when increasing focus will be turned to other countries such as Yemen and Syria.

Update: Al-Jazeera English’ reporter Evan Hills (@evanchill) story on the the event can be found here.

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