Putting a face on revolution…

The Tunisian revolution was credited to Mr Bouazizi, a vegetable salesman who was said to have set himself on fire after having his vegetables confiscated. In Egypt it was the murder of Khaled Said that was used to put a face on the police brutality that people protested agaist on the 25th of January – police day. Libya? If people are to name one person it might be Eman al-Obeidy, the layer that symbolized resistance against Ghaddafi when she burst into a hotel in Tripoli, full of Western media, and publicly spoke up on being gang raped before being brutally abducted:

Sadly, revolutions, uprisings, conflicts and wars in countries abroad don’t get the attention they deserve in Western media. The reasons are so many that it deserves a separate blog post but I have often believed that storytelling is a key to provoking interest. If you tell the story about a lawyer (al-Obeidy), a tech-savvy guy (Said), a poor guy trying to help his family (Bouazizi) in their twenties or thirties – you make people relate – and care.

It could be your sister/son/daughter. It could be you.

Someone still has to tell those stories though.

From Bahrain:

From Syria.

From Saudi Arabia:

The stories can of course be fake and still equally efficient. Remember the incubator story about Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, that turned public opinion in USA 1995 and allowed the country to enter the first Gulf war?

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