In the shadow of Bin Laden

When the news broke a couple of weeks ago about the killing of Osama bin Laden there was a bit of a frenzy in the media. I do understand the vast interest in New York, where it is a personal matter, as well as the USA itself, since it went to war over OBL.

I can also understand the novelty in European news for a couple of days, since so many Europeans have lived with the consequences of the “War on Terror” that followed 9/11. The thing that has been harder to understand is why it kept dragging on for so long. OBL’s role as a leader passed several years ago – a fair share of people thought that he was already dead.

My main reason for bringing this up is that other piece of news the same week, that didn’t receive the attention it deserved – the reconciliation in the Palestinian territories. Egypt has tried to monopolized the role of mediator between Fatah and Hamas (as well as between Israel and Palestine – to Turkeys dismay). During these years, Egypt has achieved nothing, and has also been blaimed for mixing it’s own interests in the brew, such as the Camp David agreement and a certain scepticism towards Hamas, the “cousins” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It took three months from the revolution until Hamas and Fatah managed to agree on something.

The situation in Egypt is still open, although warning signs are raised. I still believe, though, that Egypt will move towards a democracy, and that the news of Fatah/Hamas was ten times more worth analysing than the story about Osama bin Laden – if the aim is to try to foretell what will happen in the future.

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