Journalists summoned by Egypt’s army

UPDATE: Both released, no charges.

Last Friday, the 27th, a march was held in several places in Egypt to show disapproval of hundreds, or thousands, of military trials against protestors, like blogger Maikel Nabil who was sentenced to jail. The Monday leading up to that, bloggers wrote about their criticism of the army council’s way of dealing with things in a joint effort.

On Thursday (?) last week this TV-show was aired with the respected host Rim Maged, who among others interviewed journalist Hossam El-Hamalawy, (a.k.a 3arabawy on twitter and on his blog).

Today, Tuesday, at 11 a.m they will be summoned for interrogation by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that is running the country at the moment and accused of having a power transition-deal with the Muslim Brotherhood that includes stifling “irresponsible media” that doesn’t “protect the revolution” but insists on critical coverage. A meeting between politicians and military to discuss the matter of the media is planned next week.

El Ahram English has more.

Rim Maged’s partner at the tv-station ONtv, Yousri Foda, has been accused of backing off in criticism of the army like many colleagues. He has written a comment on the issue, that can be found here, in Al-Masry el Youm English: “No Mr General“.

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