The blond socialist-hating jihadist of Norway…

Update: Here an analysis on the topic by Electronic intifada (the one that exposed A Gay Girl in Damascus).

A few quick thoughts. I was working non-stop this evening after the news broke about firstly the Oslo bombing and then the shooting at the socialt youth camp of Utöya. From the moment I heard the shooter was blond, warning bells started going off in my head.

In many other heads – yes I am mainly judging from twitter and other news streams – the al-Qaeda-bells kept ringing despite no real facts pointing in that direction. The strongest argument was terror group(s?) claiming responsibility – which happens at every deed. Even 9/11 was claimed by some groups nobody had ever seen carry out anything, but brag a lot.

Norway does not have a guy that has drawn controversial cartoons. It has not been known for much radicalism and it is a country where it is easier for social minorities to find work than some neighbouring countries.

First the news broke on the bomb. Why would someone pick a fight with Norway and bomb the Ministry of Oil? Well if they don’t like what NATO does in Afghanistan or Libya. Or the socialist government in general.

Then reports started pouring in on the camp shooting. Why would someone want to murder socialist kids at a summer camp? Who, in Norway, would have that kind of strong hate for social democrats? I can honestly only think of one – Right Wing-extremists.

Therefore I tweeted this last night at 6 pm GMT, while at the same time doing my regular job of preparing a news summary:

Yasmine El Rafie
Shooter at labour youth camp blonde and “dressed in uniform” – opens associations

…followed it up by this:

Yasmine El Rafie
This is my private thought only: does someone know how right wing extremists in feel about ?
…and an hour later this (28 people chose to RT):
Yasmine El Rafie
Many speculations about al-qaeda in regards of and . Are islamists commonly blond and attack socialists?

This brought back memories from when I was working at the Swedish news agency TT four years ago. Firstly the reports came in on a set of dirty bombs that didn’t go off outside at a night club in London, and not that long after the pictures started coming in of a flaming jeep at the gates of Glasgow airport. That time, just like today, that later story grew to become the main one when all the facts came out in the open.

A while after the arrest at Utöja the police went public with the fact that the shooter had been seen at the site of the government building bombing as well, a few hours before. (Tweep tells me that it is less than a one-hour drive between socialist prime minister Jens Stoltenberg’s office and the targeted summer camp island of Utöja).

So: We have a single male (although some conflicting reports mention the possibility of several shooters). He is seen at both sights. He goes after political, not civil targets and they are specifically Social Democratic. He is described by witnesses as blond,  between 30 and 40, carrying a rifle and a shotgun. Of course each fact doesn’t incriminate anyone. But does this really sound like the work of a certain terrorism franchising network that was being brought up over and over tonight? This comment is interesting (posted at 11 pm GMT):

32 year old blonde norwegian male is arrested in the shooting and still the say alqaida

A few other interesting comments.

Here (around 12 pm GMT – reports the guy is right wing):

Sven K
And suddenly, it isn´t “the terrorist” but “the shooter”. Hm.
Here (around 2 am GMT 23/7):
Sam Mustafa
wha a blond white guy can’t be a terrorist, especially if he’s non Muslim!
Here (around 9 pm)
Luchadore Mierda
Don’t confuse their Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims narrative.
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