The girl in the blue bra

If you follow Egypt I assume you have already seen this caption from how the Egyptian military undresses, beats and kicks a woman in the stomach. But I thought I’d post it anyway, for the archives.

Here is a full sequence on Youtube showing the abuse (notice how they are hitting so hard, their sticks are breaking):

Foreign Policy magazine call’s it Egypt’s Rodney King moment. Their article gives a very good summary on the state Egypt is in at the moment

Earlier today my radio channel interviewed Randa Ali, a student taking part in a women’s demonstration in Tahrir to protest against the violence on female demonstrators. She said many Egyptians were laughing and pointing their fingers from the balconies, and that many believe the military council’s words on it all being a foreign conspiracy.

Listen to the interview (in English) here.

Here is the interview I got with Mona Eltahawy upon her release in Cairo in November, after she had been beaten and assaulted during a protest.

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