Libya: The #Feb17-uprising that started Feb 15…

When did the October revolution take place? In November. When did the Feb 17 revolution start in Libya? February 15.

Quite exactly one year ago I was sitting at work, working on a column, following twitter on the side. I had this feeling that Libya would take off when others were betting for Algeria and other places and had followed the few tweeps that were active, such as @EnoughGhaddafi, @DJMeddi and @Tripolitanian.

And there! Demonstrations in Benghazi! Hundreds of people in the streets of one of the absolutely terrifyingly most brutal dictatorships in the world. Chanting “rise up Benghazi, the day you have been waiting for is here” after the arrest of the lawyer who had been trying to bring justice to the families of the Abu Salim prison massacre in 1996. The clips went quickly up on Facebook and were mirrored onto youtube (previously blocked in Libya) from abroad before someone would take them down. You can see them here:

When rebels finally took over Libya in full and liberated the prison, a mass grave with the victims was found. Here is the story I did for Swedish tv on that and the events leading up to it (in Swedish).

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