Thank you for this @Sweden week!


(This post will be updated)

So how to summarize my week as Sweden?

Monday – LOTS of questions coming in and almost no internet access until the evening, where we had some crazy discussions on Ikea meatballs with horse ingredients leading to the misconception of guinea pig riding being a Swedish national sport.

Tuesday-Wednesday. Mainly about my work, what I am doing in London for 4 weeks.

Thursday. A very interesting discussion on experiences of racial profiling in Stockholm subway, bias and racism in Sweden and elsewhere. A  storify was done by @flawlessgoatee.

Friday – #GoodSwedishThings, good things and tips about Stockholm. (Working on a Storify)

Saturday – My favourite music, live tweets on the last semi-finals for the ones competing to represent Sweden in Eurovision song contest.

Sunday – finally managed to get pics and youtube uploads working to share pictures and recommendations on brunchplaces and other great things Stockholm. I also compiled a list with the tweeps that had come up that tweet in Sweden, but not in Swedish. And got compared to Canada.

I really found it great to get to know so many of you. I wish we could stay in touch. One of my goals was to try to tell as much as I could about Sweden and Stockholm that is that city I keep returning to over and over. I think I did decently.

Don’t hesitate to tweet at me if there is something you would like me to find out or answer about Sweden.

I’ll see you around!


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