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“Bashar, you’re next!”

Well, a historic night. It’s hard to believe that this chapter in the Libyan history book has arrived. I have followed Libya over the year. From the first demonstrations on Feb 15 (yup, not 17!) following the arrest of the … Continue reading

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Sisters – and brothers – #talkaboutit in Egypt, Lebanon – and Sweden

Update: Follow this link for the page where all blog posts on “End sexual harassment day” where collected. More than 150 stories from men and women. He comes off as a regular businessman – suit and briefcase – when he … Continue reading

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After 54 days Misrata is finally focused upon

It took weeks before the humanitarian situation in Libya’s thrid city, Misrata, finally really made it from Twitter to the headlights of Western mainstream media. Maybe because Benghazi has been in focus, being the most important city for those that … Continue reading

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