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“Bashar, you’re next!”

Well, a historic night. It’s hard to believe that this chapter in the Libyan history book has arrived. I have followed Libya over the year. From the first demonstrations on Feb 15 (yup, not 17!) following the arrest of the … Continue reading

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They sad that Hama could not happen again

Uppdate for Swedish speakers: Svenskspråkiga rekommenderas varmt att läsa de sedvanligt utmärkta rapporterna från SvD:s Bitte Hammargren. Hon har lyckats ta sig in på de hårt bevakade sjukhussalarna i Turkiet, pratat med skadade syrier som vårdas där och levererat skildringar … Continue reading

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A face on the Syrian uprising

A few days ago I wrote this blog post about how it is easier to “sell” a conflict, create interest in it, if it is told through a single person that gets to symbolize what it is all about. I … Continue reading

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Putting a face on revolution…

The Tunisian revolution was credited to Mr Bouazizi, a vegetable salesman who was said to have set himself on fire after having his vegetables confiscated. In Egypt it was the murder of Khaled Said that was used to put a face on … Continue reading

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