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The girl in the blue bra

If you follow Egypt I assume you have already seen this caption from how the Egyptian military undresses, beats and kicks a woman in the stomach. But I thought I’d post it anyway, for the archives. Here is a full … Continue reading

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On The Nobel peace prize: When Egypt highjacked the Arab Spring from the Tunisians

The Tunisian people had a popular, peaceful revolution that in a few weeks ousted a leader so brutal that Tunisia during Ben Ali’s reign has been called “The North Korea of the Arab World”. The problem is, few in international … Continue reading

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“Bashar, you’re next!”

Well, a historic night. It’s hard to believe that this chapter in the Libyan history book has arrived. I have followed Libya over the year. From the first demonstrations on Feb 15 (yup, not 17!) following the arrest of the … Continue reading

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Take me to the leader of the crowdsourced revolution!

Despite the way that some traditional reporters have tried to picture the Egyptian revolution, there was no leader. Many, many Egyptians from all walks of life put in their bit in something the now famous Google executive Wael Ghoneim has … Continue reading

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Sisters – and brothers – #talkaboutit in Egypt, Lebanon – and Sweden

Update: Follow this link for the page where all blog posts on “End sexual harassment day” where collected. More than 150 stories from men and women. He comes off as a regular businessman – suit and briefcase – when he … Continue reading

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The revolution was foretold

Sometimes it’s funny how you end up somewhere in history without knowing it. I was asked to give a small speech at Uppsala University in the spring of 2008 and include my conclusions in a text that was published along … Continue reading

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Journalists summoned by Egypt’s army

UPDATE: Both released, no charges. Last Friday, the 27th, a march was held in several places in Egypt to show disapproval of hundreds, or thousands, of military trials against protestors, like blogger Maikel Nabil who was sentenced to jail. The … Continue reading

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Twittered camel-attack on Tahrir

Like several others, I think I have started recollecting this spring a little bit. I was RT:ing the revolution like crazy out of frustration of not being able to cover it professionally. On the evening of the camel attack 2 … Continue reading

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In the shadow of Bin Laden

When the news broke a couple of weeks ago about the killing of Osama bin Laden there was a bit of a frenzy in the media. I do understand the vast interest in New York, where it is a personal … Continue reading

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Putting a face on revolution…

The Tunisian revolution was credited to Mr Bouazizi, a vegetable salesman who was said to have set himself on fire after having his vegetables confiscated. In Egypt it was the murder of Khaled Said that was used to put a face on … Continue reading

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