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Libya: The #Feb17-uprising that started Feb 15…

When did the October revolution take place? In November. When did the Feb 17 revolution start in Libya? February 15. Quite exactly one year ago I was sitting at work, working on a column, following twitter on the side. I … Continue reading

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Mrs Gaddafi just sent me an e-mail…

Wellwellwell… They used to be called “Nigeria letters” in Sweden when they were still letters, consisting of a business proposal from some crooked person who needed help to take a lot of money abroad. All that would be needed was … Continue reading

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“Bashar, you’re next!”

Well, a historic night. It’s hard to believe that this chapter in the Libyan history book has arrived. I have followed Libya over the year. From the first demonstrations on Feb 15 (yup, not 17!) following the arrest of the … Continue reading

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A face on the Syrian uprising

A few days ago I wrote this blog post about how it is easier to “sell” a conflict, create interest in it, if it is told through a single person that gets to symbolize what it is all about. I … Continue reading

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Sweden-Bahrain 0-1?

A while ago a Swedish citizen was sentenced to jail in Bahrain for participating in the ongoing protests. He also risks the death penalty, and is by far not the only person put on trial. For example human rights’ activist … Continue reading

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Another report from Misrata

Channel 4 news has made it to Misrata and done a story on doctors trying to – and occationally failing – in saving lives. Several of the wounded are children. Still some mainstreem media coverage at least. So far I … Continue reading

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So – who killed Saif?

Tonight’s news on the death of Saif el-Arab Ghadaffi, one of the youngest Ghadaffi sons, of course spread like wildfire on twitter, and this despite the late hour on a Saturday night. Aside from the reports on rebels celebrating the … Continue reading

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After 54 days Misrata is finally focused upon

It took weeks before the humanitarian situation in Libya’s thrid city, Misrata, finally really made it from Twitter to the headlights of Western mainstream media. Maybe because Benghazi has been in focus, being the most important city for those that … Continue reading

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Äntligen uppmärksammas Misrata!

Libyens tredje största stad Misrata, insprängt i Ghaddafikontrollerade västra Libyen, har fortfarande inte tagits över helt. Trots att den varit omringad , beskjuten, plågad av krypskyttar en stor del av tiden. Trots att kampen i Libyen nu pågått i exakt … Continue reading

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“Medierna” i P1 om libyske hjälten Mo

Jag skrev i förra veckan om Muhammad “Mo” Nabbous som kontrade mot den totala medieskuggan från icke-Ghaddafitrogna genom att med fara för sitt eget liv starta sin egen TV-station, Sawt al-Hurra Libya (Det fria Libyens röst). Veckans program av Medierna … Continue reading

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