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Att offra några människor för de övrigas bästa…

Den här blogposten publiceras förhoppningsvis automatiskt  samtidigt som jag och den tunisiske aktivisten Slim Amamou just inlett en diskussion om hur mobiltelefonerna (via allt från sms till streamad video) bidragit till att göra världen bättre. Slim greps av regimen under folkresningen … Continue reading

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Mitt förord till A Tunisian Girl-boken

Idag, på årsdagen av Tunisiens “president” Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s fall, släpps den tunisiska bloggaren Lina Ben Mhennis bok i svensk översättning (av förlaget Sekwa som översätter franskspråkig litteratur till svenska). Jag fick äran att skriva förordet och publicerar det … Continue reading

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On The Nobel peace prize: When Egypt highjacked the Arab Spring from the Tunisians

The Tunisian people had a popular, peaceful revolution that in a few weeks ousted a leader so brutal that Tunisia during Ben Ali’s reign has been called “The North Korea of the Arab World”. The problem is, few in international … Continue reading

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“Bashar, you’re next!”

Well, a historic night. It’s hard to believe that this chapter in the Libyan history book has arrived. I have followed Libya over the year. From the first demonstrations on Feb 15 (yup, not 17!) following the arrest of the … Continue reading

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A face on the Syrian uprising

A few days ago I wrote this blog post about how it is easier to “sell” a conflict, create interest in it, if it is told through a single person that gets to symbolize what it is all about. I … Continue reading

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Putting a face on revolution…

The Tunisian revolution was credited to Mr Bouazizi, a vegetable salesman who was said to have set himself on fire after having his vegetables confiscated. In Egypt it was the murder of Khaled Said that was used to put a face on … Continue reading

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How to deal with people that annoyingly ask for democracy

As previously seen… Put a task force on monitoring Facebook and twitter. Underestimate the power of martyrship. Bring out the tear gas, water canons and riot police to demonstrations. Arrest numbers of demonstrators. Hire snipers, preferably from a country other … Continue reading

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Another interview ’bout my tweets…

I was followed by a journalism student on Twitter who asked me for an interview a few weeks ago on my methods for tweeting. A few quotes: Social media has been a big part of the Arab revolution in the … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Okay, maybe a few blog posts, then. Somewhere around New Years, I started realizing that there was something remarkable happening in Tunisia. It wasn’t the scale of the protests back then, rather than the sheer fact that people were at … Continue reading

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