Journalist. Social media tactician at Swedish Radio (private twitter: @yasmineelrafie, work twitter: @YasmineSR), but the views on this blog do in no way reflect those of my employer. Previously social media correspondant at Alltid nyheter, the new live news channel at Swedish public radio.

Languages I can get by in: English, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic (Egyptian), French, German. Have worked for a variety of publications such as SVT, TV4, SR, DN, SvD, TT, Siren, Re:public and UNradio + freelance work.

In later years I have been mainly doing what I love the most – being an editor, although there is a lot of reporting experience before that, in everything from business to culture stories. If there are any favourite topics I follow more closely I would say they are:

*) Minority issues and mainstreaming

*) Foreign news

*) The future of journalism in a digital democracy

Co-editor of Swedish radio’s social media handbook for journalists, whick can be downloaded for free here.

And I do occasional gigs as a moderator. And lecturing, which I have done at the journalism program at Stockholm University and Fojo, the Swedish institute for further education of journalists.

Was curating Egypt’s revolution within social media and tried to do what I could manage with the following uprisings.

Lived and reported from Egypt 2007-2008.

Blogging and tweeting in my spare time.

If quoted, please state the source.

To get in touch, DM me at twitter for my e-mail, or post a comment here on this page. I will not publish it.

Work e-mail: yasmine.el_rafie/AT/sverigesradio.se

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  1. mikelpikel says:


    Ville bara säga att jag precis läste din artikel ”Journalister är ovanligt inskränkta” och instämmer till fullo! Du verkar grym! :3

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